His Double Life

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From the Desk of Momma Sanders

Welcome to the Sanders House. This little place has been in our family for many years. It has been passed down from generation to generation. There is much love and many memories. My husband Rev. James and I have been coming here since we were dating. We have basically raised our two sons here. We as a family have always come here for the traditional Thanksgiving dinners. This year hopes to be just as great. My youngest son Matthew, his girlfriend Vanessa and their best friends Wynikka and Theo will be joining us this year. Well, everyone buy your tickets and come to Momma Sanders home.

Momma Sanders
His Double Life - Alicia Simpson

Alicia Simpson as Momma Sanders

Seasoned actress with No Jive Productions, Alicia Simpson, comes out of retirement to her starring role as Momma Sanders. It is truly a blessing to be asked to return in this role to help carry out the messages of unconditional love and forgiveness. Although this is a stage play, each issue portrayed is a heartfelt realism that many laypeople deal with on a daily basis. This show will express to you, the viewer, how this dysfunctional family deals with these realisms and how they try to come together to overcome these obstacles.

His Double Life - Regina Hopkins-Hodges

Regina Hopkins-Hodges as Momma Sanders (Understudy)

An accomplished playwright, producer, director and singer, Regina has been performing for over 30 years! Her love for the arts was kindled and her passion for theater was awakened in the mid 80's when she first performed in "Spoon River Anthology" and "The Grass Harp" in Mobile Alabama. Since relocating to Miami in 2007, she has had the opportunity to work with several local playwrights.

Regina crossed over into television/film under the direction of Raphael Van Putten in "Back2Hope", a television sitcom, background work in "Playin For Love"/ Robert Townsend, the first episode of "Rosewood"/ Morris Chestnut, and "Bloodline" /Sissy Spacek. She also appeared in "The Life Exchange" written by South Florida playwright Jerome Larkin and most recently, the feature film "Lost" which has been chosen to screen in The London International Film Festival, written and produced by Aaron Johnson.

She has appeared in several commercials, and on Family Feud/ Steve Harvey. In 2013, she formed D & R Productions and took on the title of playwright/producer, penning her first stage production "The Prodigal Daughter". She has written, produced and directed 4 subsequent productions: "Give No Place", "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly", "Lord Is It I?" and "A Miracle Just in Time".

Regina's love for the arts is ministry and her motto is, "if I can touch and change one person's life through the Ministry of drama, then my mission has been accomplished".

His Double Life - David Tolliver

David Tolliver as Daddy James Sanders

From the music group "Men At Large"

Born in the city of Rock n Roll (Cleveland) David (Dave) Tolliver a.k.a. "Blaq Pavarotti" was destined for music success. Son of a Gospel singer, nephew of a nationally celebrated radio announcer and gold selling BMI award winning writer, and Grandson of a man who once sang for President Roosevelt what else was he to do. His future was preset like a wedding between two royal families. The world of the music for Dave started with a bang as the late great Gerald Levert handpicked Dave for Men At Large whom later would contribute to music history topping the charts and selling millions of albums. As well as singing Dave has appeared in over 30 stage plays, 9 movies as well as a host of judging, and hosting appearances across the country. He often takes time to mentor young artists who are trying to find their way in the biz with helpful advice or intuitive vocal and staging techniques. Being a trendsetter for the plus sized and his love for looking and smelling nice Dave is starting a unisex vest line called "Invested". Vests in his eyes can be worn for all levels of events and can also be used as bulge hiders, which is the main reason for wearing them!

Through it all Dave is a survivor and refuses to change his style for the watered down stylings of today's newer artists. He believes there is a void in the lane of true "Soul Music" and he plans to continue in the same path as his late great brother and mentor Gerald Levert. Tolliver attributes his longevity to staying true and loyal to what got him to the top of the charts before and believes the true music lovers will always recognize. Get ready he is #somethinlikethegreatest!.

His Double Life - Que Michaels

Benjamin Carlton as Matthew Sanders

Benjamin Carlton is excited to be performing in his first leading role as Matthew in His Double Life. Carlton is known for his role as Cherard in I Know What I Am And I Am Not What You Call Me and as Marty in DREAMGIRLS in Concert. Carlton studied communications and business at the Historic Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University before moving to Miami to pursue his career. While in Miami he co-founded the iconic BMe Community, a national movement of community builders that are led and inspired by Black men. Carlton is actively involved in national human rights and social justice efforts that include Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ rights and religious liberties. When not on stage or activating a movement you can find Carlton somewhere relaxed on Miami Beach.

His Double Life - Robyn LaJoya Charles

Robyn LaJoya Charles as Vanessa Clark

(Daughter of the Legendary Ray Charles)

"Robyn LaJoya,” personally known as, Robyn LaJoya Moffett, and professionally known as, Robyn LaJoya Charles, youngest daughter of 12 children to the legendary singer and artist, Ray Charles Robinson and Gloria Moffett, was raised on the Westside of Chicago. Ray’s success and stardom predestined Robyn for a life of music and entertainment. Throughout her career, Robyn has worked with such notable artists/producers as Otis Clay, R. Kelly and Public Announcement, Do or Die, Smokie Norful, Manny Fresh, Michael Bearden, Shannon Sanders, Michael and Chaise Flanders, Fred “Uncle Freddie” Jerkins producer of “Feelings,” and Gordon "Commish" Williams producer of "Smile" "I Feel Like Singin" "Over Somethin" and "Ask Him." She’s also worked with such known actors as Ralph Harris (“Manish Boy” and “Dreamgirls”); as well as Samuel Jackson, and the late, Bernie Mac on “Soul Men.”

She is currently working in collaboration with L. “L-Mo” Tolbert of “Slurr Music” on a potential single “Sad Song.” Robyn tirelessly cultivates her skill as a songwriter on projects with artists such as Antoine “Malachi” Paige, Kavi Karkaino, Gary “G-Note Write” Saddler, The Youngbloodz and Tez of Front Street Ent., Sam P. Addams, Tetraz, and Kelvin Harris of Krazy Swag Ent., Hot Attik Ent., Dillon Lawter, Kool Mo Dee,Wesley Hogges and Eric Williams (Blackstreet), and Lex Dirty and Tey Martel of” Hennessy Dreams”, which is on her upcoming project. Now she can add “No Jive Productions,” Inc, on her resume as one of the starring actresses in the stage play “His Double Life.”

His Double Life - Troy Brooks

Troy Brooks as Theo Martin (Understudy)

Thomas Troy Brooks also known as Troy Brooks is a young up coming artist from Cincinnati, OH. Moving down to Miami in the early new millennium, Troy always thrived to find a way to express himself to the world around him. Exceeding in sports and many other talents, Troy still felt that his personality and character was to vibrant and colorful to just be an athlete or a pharmacist in a lab coat. Soon after high school when college sports and academics no longer had an impact on his life, he decided to put the past on the shelf and lead his new life in the direction of an Actor/Personality. The rising superstar since then has been taking Miami by storm appearing in music videos all the way to the hit series on USA Burn Notice. The path to the top has yet to draw near for the rising star as he pushes harder to his goal.

Troy Brooks looks to take his skills to the next level with No Jive Productions in the hit drama "His Double Life". Although this is his biggest role yet he still believes that this is just another way to express himself and exceed expectations.

His Double Life - Agnes Balka

Agnes "Aggie B" Balka as Wynikka Jones

Is from Houston, Texas, born and raised singer, actress, playwright and director. She has recently moved to Atlanta, GA in pursuit to continue living out her dreams. She has directed several productions as well as written and produced outside her very own. She is a single mother of 3 grown sons in which one of them passed away 2 years ago. She has had the privilege of singing with such artists as Whitney Houston, Regina Belle, Kim Burrell, Kathy Burrell and opened for the Mississippi Mass choir anniversary concert. She has several tv series and films coming up as well. And has been on such talk shows as the Bill Cunningham show and the Robert Irvine show. Keep your eyes open and ride the Aggie B train. You don't want to miss it.

His Double Life - Brittany Bryant

Brittany Bryant as Cheryl Sanders

Originally from Dayton, Ohio, home of aviation and the gem city, Brittany Bryant was born to soar and shine her light on everyone around her. She is no stranger to the camera or stage and has modeled professionally for the past 4 years. She attributes her biggest accomplishment to getting selected for Jet's Beauty of the Week December 2015. Brittany has also worked on shows such as Lee Daniels' Star and Snapped: Killer Couples.

His Double Life - Quincy T. Bonds

Quincy T. Bonds as Doctor Curtis Harvey

(Tyler Perry House of Payne actor “Pookie”)

Is an actor, known for Taboo-The Unthinkable Act , Sunday Mornings and a recurring role on Tyler Perry House of Payne, (Pookie). Quincy is the executive producer of Phat Comedy & Phat Kidz founder. It was through his company, Phat Comedy LLC, he was able to get an audition for the Tyler Perry hit sitcom, “House of Payne” which is currently running on TBS, Peachtree television & Bounce T.V. Quincy plays a character on the show and has done over 17 episodes. Quincy has done several commercials with the GA Lottery, Delta, Cingular, Home Depot and Checkers. Quincy has also had small roles in several local films.

His Double Life - Clark

Clark as Doctor Curtis Harvey (Understudy)

Currently residing in Atlanta, Clark hails from the great city of Chicago, born and raised on the west side. Clark charming personality gained him his first modeling opportunity in 2013 with a popular water bottling company. Since then, he's been involved with 12 modeling opportunities, including his 1st runway modeling gig with renowned fashion designer, Antonio Paolo Sadio. He became Mr. Meak Productions 2016-17 after signing with the Agency in Fall of 2015. His premiere acting opportunity will debut this fall as he plays a small role in the renowned touring stage play, "His Double Life" created and produced by Nial Martin of No Jive Productions.

Note: Cast is subject to change.


De'Andre Wilcox

De'Andre Wilcox

Music Director & Drummer
Earl Gardner

Earl Gardner

Bass Player
Wildmayer Marcelin

Wildmayer Marcelin

Lead Guitar/Saxophone
Lesly Denavar

Lesly Denavar

Keyboard Player

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What do you get when you mix a tablespoon full of soul, a few cups of passion, several ounces of love, a batch of lies and a whole lot of deception? A recipe for a drama that will cook up just right before your eyes as No Jive Productions, Inc brings to the stage “His Double Life”.

Breaking the Silence… This stage play explores one man’s struggle with life’s reality.

"His Double Life" is a “Closet Packed with Secrets” said the Miami Herald

Miami Times said His Double Life “is an outstanding show that gives a refreshing course on unconditional love”

“An harmonious blend of entertainment and realism”.
WestSide Gazette Nikki Clifton

For Mature Audiences Only - This production contains adult language, content and brief nudity.

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