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No Jive Productions, Inc is seeking your support of our upcoming stage play "His Double Life". No Jive Productions, Inc is a non-profit organization that entertains, inspires and enlightens people from all walks of life through theater. No Jive Productions, Inc is known for giving back to the community and we would like to keep this tradition up by having your product/services for our attendees.

We are seeking your support in donating products, gift cards, hotel stay, airfare and/or any type of service from your company. Your contributions would reach thousands of people who attend our event and visit our website. Please be aware that No Jive Productions, Inc is a 501(C)3 organization and your donations may be tax deductible.

"His Double Life" is a show that deals with the realisms in today's society. Its messages are that of compassion, self-expression, self-identity, a Fathers" unconditional love, and heart-ache just to name a few.

Benefits of your donation for July 16, 2011 show: (Show dates are subject to change)

  • Logo on No Jive Productions, Inc website which receives 40,000 hits a month (for three months)
  • Half a page ad in our program book (if inkind donation total $2,500)
  • Web link from our site to yours
  • Product(s) placed on the set (if contribution totals $10,000 or more)

No Jive Productions, Inc prides itself in quality entertainment. It is our hope that with the help of your company and its" contributions, you can rest assure that we will continue to provide the community with quality entertainment.

Please be mindful that item(s) donated will be placed in gift bags for patrons in attendance. The major benefit to your company will be to increase your product(s) or company name in the community while at the same time letting our theater goers know that you support the Arts.

If you have any questions please contact Alicia Simpson at alicia@nojiveproductions.org or call 305-628-0068.

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